Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year, New Jenn

Many Americans start their year off with resolutions that they will never fulfill. This year I have made it simple and narrowed my resolutions to 3 main goals I would like to accomplish.


1. Save save save- money and resources. Now a days, I want to save every penny I have and not waste anything. As I grow older, there is just more responsibility and more expenses.

2. Be thankful and count my blessings. After watching the tragedy in Haiti and the other disasters that are going on the the world, my "bad day" is nothing compared to what other people in the world have to face.

3. Be Happy. Just as simple as that.


1. Read everything twice. I am the type of person who skims through everything and wants to reply to email immediately. However, sometimes this does more harm than good. It may take me longer to answer people, but at least I know that I will have checked the spelling, grammar, and content of what I will be sending, and to be sure I have addressed all the questions that the person may have asked.

2. Be more patient. This is an ongoing battle, but I can do it.

3. Think about what I want to say, before saying it. This is something I try every year as well. I think slowing down in general will be better for my mind and health.

There is a site that shows the top resolutions for this year....and of course like all Americans I vow to get fit and lose weight :)

What are your resolutions?