Monday, December 14, 2009

$40 a Week Challenge-12/7-12/13 FAIL

Today is a brand new start to the week and I have epically failed my challenge last week and this week. Last week I ran with my friend Brad, and after a great run, we went grocery shopping. I was so hungry and everything that was craving at the moment, I purchased! I spent $32 78. Then I was working all weekend and purchased lunch from Whole Foods and had Starbucks coffee. In total, I only was about $47.00 over budget.

However, I broke the bank today! And it is ONLY Monday!

See my damage below:
Running Room: $67.02
Sports Authority: $10.47
Old Navy: $43.96
Shasa Emporium: $23.56
Fundraiser: $20.00
Foodland: $14.31
Midoridori: $8.88
Target: $47.98
TOTAL: $236.18
It is really hard to save during the holidays. I have so many friends and family coming into town this week as well. This week is a loss. I am very disappointed in myself, yet I know that new running shoes were a must. Wish me luck next week!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$40 a Week Challenge

It has been too long since I have blogged! The holidays have been super crazy and everyone always ends up spending more money than they budgeted!

As of Monday, December 7th, I am officially going on my $40.00 a week challenge. I will be allowed to spend $40.00 a week that will include gas, food, and entertainment. This will definitely be hard, since my other friends are foodies. Another reason why it will be hard is because it is only Tuesday I have spend $20.00 already! Yikes!

$16.00 at California Pizza Kitchen for a Tweet Up
$4.00 at The Counter with Ricky Li for a small dessert.

I have to start bringing home lunch every day now, even on my days off. My running partners, Brad, Jeremy, and Lena are fans of eating out after a workout. I will miss those days!

I have been running much more and today I ran 2.8 miles in 28 minutes! Now that I am getting used to going I need to rest more, work on running longer and faster!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 3 & 4: The Weekend

It has been a great weekend so far, spent time with my girlfriends, had Saturday and Sunday off from work, AND the Cowboys won! I am also excited to have a full day to clean the apartment. 

Another accomplishment this past week is that I worked out Monday-Thursday and on Saturday. I hope to keep this up. I am participating on a fitness challenge with Mike's sister, Maria. We are going by body fat count which means I need to really work on cardio and prepare healthier meals and smaller portions. I think I can handle it. Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I am scared I might fall off the wagon. The Daily Mile has been helping me keep track on when I work out and the types of work outs.

Starting next week on 11/23-12/20 I will have the following work out schedule:
Mondays: Arms/ Back/ Cardio/ Abs
Tuesdays: Legs/ Shoulders/ Cardio/ Abs
Wednesday: Cardio (1 HR) Abs
Thursdays: Cardio (1 HR) Abs
Fridays: Cardio (1 HR) Abs
Saturdays: Cardio (1 HR) Abs
Sundays: Rest Day

Breakfast: 2 egg whites & oatmeal
Snack: Apple/banana
Lunch: Tofu/Turkey with celery/spinich
Snack: Apple/ banana
Dinner: Apple/ banana
Goal: Intake about 1,500 calories


Wish me luck! (I don't really know how long I can stick to the diet, but I can at least try to plan)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2: Gleek at heart

Today I went running with my good friend Brad at Ala Moana Beach Park. He commented that I watch too much T.V. In my defense, Glee is one of my favorite shows ever! It is what I look forward to each week! I am happy when it is Monday because I look forward to a new episode on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I eagerly await for next week's episode.   

Glee is described as an American musical/comedy/drama. I watch the show for all those reasons and a plus is that the cast is REALLY good looking. Finn (Corey Monteith) is so dreamy. (don't worry, Mike is still my number 1) The singing and dancing always puts me in a happy mood and makes me want to break out in song! It reminds me how wonderful life and and how fun it can be! 

In yesterday's episode I absolutely loved the last song that the the class sang to Finn and Quinn, Lean on Me by Bill Withers. To all my wonderful family and friends, love you! Thank you for making me GLEEful and you can always call on me when you need a hand :)   

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 1: Adventures of JLieu

Hooray!! It is my first posting in the Adventures of JLieu! Everyone I know has a blog, and loves to write. I finally started my blog, but I am not a very good writer. Hopefully I will be able to brush up on my skills while documenting some fun moments in my life. Hang on tight and here we go…

Just recently I moved out and it is so exciting but not as glamorous as I had hoped. Every keeps on telling me it should be so much fun because I can decorate. So far, I have been sleeping in a sleeping bag for like 2 days and eating tuna and hard boiled eggs. I only have cups, a can opener and a butter knife so cooking has been quite a challenge. My awesome boyfriend even bought a vacuum cleaner for me so I would not have to sleep on a dirty floor. He is the bestest EVER! More to come tomorrow!

Exhibit A: My Bed

Exhibit B: Great View of my new place

Exhibit C: The BESTEST Boyfriend EVER!!!!