Monday, April 26, 2010


Bring your own chopsticks! After reading @Melissa808’s blog Urban Mix Plate, “Saving the Earth, 1 Chopstick at a Time” it inspired me to purchase a pair of ecohashi. Instead of using disposable/wooden chopsticks, ecohashi is the green solution when dining out.

According to the Independent News website:
“China is the world's largest maker of disposable chopsticks, with more than 300 plants employing about 60,000 workers. Since the start of the decade, the country has exported nearly 165,000 tons of chopsticks, with 15 billion pairs finding their way to dinner tables in Japan and South Korea. Environmentalists warn that if China continues to use timber at current levels, China's remaining forests will be gone in about a decade.”

It all starts with us. We make can make a different by bringing our own utensils so that eateries can cut costs and also save trees! Ecohashi’s fabric wrap can also double as a napkin, and is machine washable. Next time when going out, remember to BYOC!

To purchase ecohashi, you may go online or visit the following stores:
Red Pineapple - Ward Centre
Cottage by the Sea - Ward Warehouse
Global Creations - Haleiwa
North Shore Swimwear - Haleiwa
Plantation Home Decor - Kapolei
Island Treasures at the Marina - Hawaii Kai

For more information on ecohashi, please visit:

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  1. Yes!! Always good to save the earth. Good to see you blogging again!

  2. I'll carry a set along with my titanium spork. Yes, I have a titanium spork.

  3. use your fingers no need buy anything and just wipe your mouth on your sleeves haha jk